The Saga


Season 1
The Alliance of the Kings
The Alliance of the Kings

Ep#1 – Prelude
Ep#2 – The Birth Of Evil
Ep#3 – Four Magic Elements
Ep#4 – Only The Brave
Ep#5 – Frozen Mind
Ep#6 – Nightfall In Icy Forest
Ep#7 – Lode al Padre
Ep#8 – Daltor The Dragonhunter
Ep#9 – Farewell My Hero
Ep#10 – Faithful To Destiny



Season 2
Soulless Child
Soulless Child

Ep#1 – Struggle for Life
Ep#2 – To the Master of Darkness
Ep#3 – Gates of Noland
Ep#4 – Broken Illusion
Ep#5 – All That Is True
Ep#6 – Valiant Ride
Ep#7 – Dinanzi al Flagello
Ep#8 – Soulless Child
Ep#9 – Though My Veins
Ep#10 – Hope Dies Last



Season 3
A New Dawn Ending

Ep#1 – Before the Storm
Ep#2 – A Greater Purpose
Ep#3 – Flaming Heart
Ep#4 – Across this Life

4 thoughts on “The Saga”

  1. Great series of posts, Sara, keep it up! It is really nice to get more details of the story and understand the motivation of the characters. 🙂

  2. I know I ask the impossible, but what are your top five favorite songs? Personally mine are 1/2 All That is True/Souless Child (I go back and forth on them), Showdown, Birth of Evil, and Through My Veins….Granted I love them all. But those are the frontrunners for me…

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