The Saga


Season 1
The Alliance of the Kings
The Alliance of the Kings

Ep#1 – Prelude
Ep#2 – The Birth Of Evil
Ep#3 – Four Magic Elements
Ep#4 – Only The Brave
Ep#5 – Frozen Mind
Ep#6 – Nightfall In Icy Forest
Ep#7 – Lode al Padre
Ep#8 – Daltor The Dragonhunter
Ep#9 – Farewell My Hero
Ep#10 – Faithful To Destiny



Season 2
Soulless Child
Soulless Child

Ep#1 – Struggle for Life
Ep#2 – To the Master of Darkness
Ep#3 – Gates of Noland
Ep#4 – Broken Illusion
Ep#5 – All That Is True
Ep#6 – Valiant Ride
Ep#7 – Dinanzi al Flagello
Ep#8 – Soulless Child
Ep#9 – Though My Veins
Ep#10 – Hope Dies Last



Season 3
A New Dawn Ending

Ep#1 – Before the Storm
Ep#2 – A Greater Purpose
Ep#3 – Flaming Heart
Ep#4 – Across this Life


4 thoughts on “The Saga

  1. Ryan Luty

    I know I ask the impossible, but what are your top five favorite songs? Personally mine are 1/2 All That is True/Souless Child (I go back and forth on them), Showdown, Birth of Evil, and Through My Veins….Granted I love them all. But those are the frontrunners for me…

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