Ancient Bards calling all Japanese fans!

Playing in Japan is a dream coming true for all of us Ancient Bards, so we are calling out all our fans! We’d like for our first time to be special and certainly not the last! See you at Japanese Assault Fest in Tokyo, at Club Seata on November 5th and 6th with our two shows in celebration of our 10 years!
Thanks to Spiritual Beast for inviting us, we are soooooo pumped!




My Brainstorm thread of humanity

Dipped in the blood, the dust, and the dirt…

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Ancient Bards, we are going to play in several cities in the Netherlands and it got me to think of the last time we went there.

On November, 12th 2015 Ancient Bards was playing in London, at the Underworld. I had some nice footage of us freaking out about going down the Eurotunnel and then trying to stick to the right side of the road, but I accidentally canceled everything!
Anyway, the show went great, we had fun on stage and I have to say that the number of people who showed up at the venue was larger than we expected, we met a lot of old and new friends and that felt nice. It was a good night, rainy, but good.

After spending the night in Camden it was time to get on the road again, we had a train to catch! We had a day off before the gig in Apeldoorn, so we took our time to take a look around on our way to Arnhem where we were going to sleep that night. The underwater convoy took us to Calais, from there we went to Oostende to see the Atlantic Wall, then made a quick detour to visit the beautiful Bruges and got to Arnhem for dinner.

I loved that day. I remember feeling so happy, I enjoyed every minute with my friends of Ancient Bards and Dadda (which is fortunate, considering we’re always so close together in the small space we have to share in the van) and, in spite of all the time spent driving, I liked being in 4 different countries in one day, hearing people talk in English, then French, then Walloon, then Dutch. I felt like a true World Citizen (ok, maybe just European, but still).

It’s when we arrived in Arnhem and could connect to a WIFI network that we discovered what horrible things were happening in Paris. Needless to say, we were all petrified and deeply sad.

The next day we drove to Apeldoorn with a heavy heart.
Enjoying music, watching our favorite band, having a drink with friends, grabbing a bite in the fresh air… they’re things we all do, nice little things that make life worth living, little drops of happiness.
In a moment, the sacredness of life and freedom were violated again,and it happened to the concert goers, the beverage drinkers and the food eaters of Paris this time.

The majority of people were killed during a concert. How many times did we go to a concert? How many times did I sing at a concert? A lot. And I was going to play at one more that very night, at Brainstorm Festival. All the bands there were pretty shaken. Te organization called a minute of silence and then everyone paid their respects to the victims with a long heartfelt applause.

When our time to get onstage came, we were ready. I had to warm up thoroughly because my voice didn’t feel quite in shape, but I was fine. Fine, until I started singing and realized that some of the lyrics, which I always associated with something fictional, were getting all too real. I tried to keep it together even when, during The Last Resort, the image of the kings dipped in the blood really started to get to me.

There was nothing I could do but to dedicate the next song, In My Arms, to the victims and everyone affected by the tragedy. I didn’t do it to be dramatic and it’s not even like dedicating something to someone who can’t hear you is going to change anything. But that was another song of loss, death, and pain and I needed the audience’s support.

I received it.

Credit: LoudImages (Marc van Kollenburg)

Maybe I was just in over my head, but I swear I never felt that emotional during a gig. I think the audience felt it, because everyone was with me, kinda like we were all holding hands. In fact, there are no videos of that song on youtube, I like to think that it’s because that was a moment not to be lived through the filter of a screen (perhaps there are tons of vids that simply weren’t posted, who knows!).

The bards left me and Daniele alone on the stage at the end. Then we exited too and my hands were shaking. I was shivering all over. It was a very powerful experience, whether it was all in my head or shared between me and the audience. I am thankful for the things I felt that night, I cherish them because I think it’s important to value these connections between humans.

Thank you, everyone at Brainstorm Festival, I hope to see you again! As a matter of fact, I’d like to invite you all to see us again, hopefully on a lighter mood this time, whenever you can when we come nearby.

Till nex time,


TBCSS: S03E04 – Across This Life


I bring the thick evil
of the first night of my death

The duel wages on.

Sendor feels very confident, because he can clearly see his opponent is not thinking straight.  Daltor is acting like he’s got everything under control, he smirks and provokes Sendor, but his eyes are dimmed by the tumult of heavy thoughts. The wizard knows very well where all these concerns are coming from, so he takes the chance to psychologically torture him to further weaken him.

The king of  Westland has lived his whole life feeling guilty about the death of his father and trying his best to strengthen up to be a good sovereign and to make amends.  His world falls apart all over again when Sendor tells him what really happened, almost making fun of the feelings he’s been carrying in his heart ever since.

Daltor’s father was a great friend of Sendor’s. He was the only one who knew about his relationship with Shena and the baby they had together. The king was torn apart by his friend’s sufferings, so he tried to comfort him any way he could, but Sendor was inconsolable. One day he saw a little spark of light shining again into Sendor’s eyes and he thought he had moved on. But that wasn’t the case. Sendor has had an idea: he wanted to steal the Black Crystal Sword from the Dark Cave and he needed his friend to help him.

The kings was scared, the poor man’s plan was unreasonable, forbidden, dangerous and useless. He was witnessing his friend’s insanity escalate at a high pace and didn’t know how to make him change his mind. He tried to dissuade him kindly at first, but he wouldn’t listen to reason, as there were none of it left in him: pain and sorrow had erased his wisodm and were now ruling his will.

Seeing no other way to save Sendor’s soul and prevent a war from starting, the king threatened him to resort to harder measurements. No other words were  said between the two, but they both knew something had been broken. Two brothers, friends of a lifetime, were absolute strangers now.

Furious and distressed, the wizard couldn’t let his enemy stop him, so he put his magic at his evil service. He pronounced a long spell while performing a meticulous ritual. With every wise move he started to gain control of the king’s body, first one leg, then an arm, both hands…

When he finally had his power on the whole body, he made him shut his door, pick up a rope, step on a chiar and hang himself.

I bring the thick evil
of my dark death




Ego fero densum malum
primae noctis leti mei


Look down don’t raise you head,
just stay there where you are.
What is the quickest way
to take away that sneer?
Don’t fight, don’t mess with me,
don’t tell me you despise me
cause I don’t care at all,
my heart knows no regret.

You will perish
in the attempt to
try and stop me
just like your father.

You took all the blame,
you grew up in pain,
all of this time you never knew
it wasn’t your fault,
the whole thing was staged.
How about now?
Where is your rage
that kept you alive,
throughout these lands, across this life
when I’m the one that made him go home,
pick up a rope and hang himself?

You will perish
in the attempt to
try and stop me
just like your father.

You took all the blame,
you grew up in pain,
all of this time you never knew
it wasn’t your fault,
the whole thing was staged.
How about now?
Where is your rage
that kept you alive,
throughout these lands, across this life
when I’m the one that made him go home,
pick up a rope and hang himself?

You took all the blame,
you grew up in pain,
all of this time you never knew
it wasn’t your fault,
the whole thing was staged.
How about now?
Where is your rage
that kept you alive
throughout these lands, across this life?

possessed by me he stepped on the chair and put
the rope around his neck!


Ego fero densum malum
atri leti mei.


– Guidelines written by Sara Squadrani
– The Black Crystal Sword Saga written by Daniele Mazza
– All Lyrics used by kind permission of Limb Music Publishing, Germany.
– Photo credit: ‘Volcanic’ – Pen Yr Ole Wen, Snowdonia via photopin (license)

My trip to Rabbits’ Hill

As some of you may know, I recorded a song for Trick or Treat’s new album “Rabbits’ Hill Pt.2”. Trick or Treat are good friends of mine and really fun to work with as you can see for yourself in the video below! The song I’m featured in is “Never Say Goodbye”, the ballad of the album, and I was also a part of the choir together with Alle Conti, Damnagoras and Simone Mularoni. We have a slide of the mighty choir here:


And a shot with the band here:

The guys were so kind to send me some really cool t-shirts and, of course, the album. I tried to show them on a video on facebook, but it looks like things didn’t wanna work out that day, so I ended up having a strange photo slide show with my awkward audio on it! I’ll figure out how to make facebook like my videos sooner or later, bare with me!

If you like the t-shirts and album you can find them here. The record is really good, I really think you should check it out!
So this is it, my trip to Rabbits’ Hill is all displayed in this video clip:


Have a nice day everyone! Hugs


TBCSS: S03E03 – Flaming Heart


In the forest, the sun filters through the branches and reveals the immense beauty of a lush nature. The creatures move in harmony with the breath of the trees and a mischievous wind shakes the leaves.

Among the dense undergrowth, two figures carefully observe this spectacle, in search of a prey. A father, kind but strict, teaches his teenage son the art of hunting.

When at a short distance a bear appears, the man proudly announces to his son he has taught everything he needs to try to capture his first prey, on his own.

The boy timidly follows the directions: he lays flat on the ground and approaches the bear, quietly and without taking his eyes off it. But in his heart, fear makes its way. A big bear is a way too dangerous test for a beginner, and in his mind, the feeling of his father not having regard for his life is added to the fear of death.

The tumult in his heart prevents him from sharpening his senses to perceive sounds and movements around him. In a moment of distraction, the boy feels the sensation of something climbing up his leg so he emits a cry of terror.

The bear, alerted lunges at the victim and wounds him in the chest with a paw, knocking him into the mud. The father then gets up and tries to attract the animal to himself and, through some expert hunter’s techniques, makes him flee.

The boy, disheartened for the humiliation, in pain from the wounds and disappointed for the abandonment, can’t bear the reproaches of his father, who scolds him out of distress. Blinded by rage, the young man rails against the parent blaming him for what happened, and after accusing him of being old and useless, he runs away screaming he will never go hunt with him again.

Crying as he runs, his proud and crushed heart rejects any bond with the family he belongs to.

But as the moment of shock fades away, the boy realizes that he has poured on his father his own insecurity: the disappointment of not being able to grant him the fortitude of a still too fragile mind has made him angry.

Determined to apologize, he goes through the woods and runs toward the house. No obstacles can block his way to forgiveness, his desperate and determined race.

At the castle, however, the door of his father’s room is closed. Worried about having hurt him irreparably, he begs him to let him in but gets no answer.

Tired of waiting and eager for his embrace, the young man breaks through the door. But once inside, he faces a chilling scene: his father’s body is hanging from a beam.

The boy, shocked, takes the corpse on the floor. Hugging his father, he still holds out his apology.

In his flaming heart, desperation has the upper hand. The sense of guilt for having caused the death of his father is soon accompanied by the certainty that now he is forced to fortify his fragile mind, because now he, Daltor, is the new King of the West.

And no one must know.

No one must know the King has committed suicide because of the prince’s inadequacy.


Be careful my son there’s a bear
there in the clearing,
I taught you what you need to know,
this time it’s your turn.
Come down now and sneak through the grass,
slowly get closer,
don’t ever lose sight of your prey,
don’t make any noise,
feel the wind blowing and breathe with the wild
in sweet harmony.
Every fighter knows that his chances are stronger
when peace lies within.


Well you made the bear run away,
you’re injured and dirty.
Why didn’t you listen to me?
Do you ever learn?
But father it wasn’t my fault,
I did what you told me,
I followed your every advice,
look what they got me!
Maybe it’s time to admit that you are worthless,
you’re grey and you’re old.
I don’t wanna hunt with you ever again,
will you leave me alone?

In Daltor’s flaming heart
when judgment falls apart,
resentment runs like a river that flows out of its bed,
infectious makes him lie,
disown his blood ties,
disgrace the holy bond of family.

My words resound in my head,
I’m incredibly sad and ashamed at the same time.

Running fast between the oaks,
Sliding down the slopes,
Daltor leaves the forest and heads to his father.

I’m rushing to get to get back home,
I can’t wait to see him,
I want to look straight in his eyes,
and apologize.
I hope he’ll forgive my contempt,
I’m so unworthy.
Oh father please open the door!
Oh please let me in!
You can’t leave me outside just let me explain,
I’m breaking in!
Oh my god he’s hanging down from the ceiling!
Oh why! Tell me why!


In Daltor’s flaming heart
when judgment falls apart,
resentment runs like a river that flows out of its bed,
infectious makes him lie ,
disown his blood ties,
disgrace the holy bond of family.

In Daltor’s aching heart,
as his world falls apart,
despair grows faster than weeds on sunny summer’s day,
it feeds upon his guilt
for he has to be
the new king of the West
and be brave
and pretend
for no one has to know
it was
his fault!

– Guidelines written by Sara Squadrani
– The Black Crystal Sword Saga written by Daniele Mazza
– All Lyrics used by kind permission of Limb Music Publishing, Germany.
– Photo credit: Phoenix via photopin (license)

I am not ok with this. Not at all.

Hi everyone. I wanted to share with you something I wrote down furiously yesterday but I wasn’t sure I should publish it, so I slept on it. I decided to go for it but obscured the names (although, with some attention, the name of a page can still be deduced) to make this a general speech rather than a direct accusation to the specific person or fact. You’ll see what I mean. This is what I wrote:

“It’s Saturday and it’s pouring outside, I didn’t complain too much about it because I have so many things to do that I thought I would just take the chance and work.

But I’m writing this post instead. Today happened something that I find to be the most humiliating thing that has ever happened to me. Let me give you some context.

I know that I am somewhat of a public figure and that I should expect to get all kinds of comments from people on the internet and haters don’t really get to me, I don’t care when someone highlight my flaws when it’s clearly because they’re poor losers who hate their lives and feel like taking it out on those who actually do something with theirs. Over the years I read all sorts of atrocities: how my voice sucks, sexually aggressive comments and, of course, mockeries about my weight. It’s all fine.
What I really can’t stand is when the comments suggest a wrong image of me, when the commenter makes his own assumptions, thinks he’s got me all figured out and then says something that’s absolutely wrong. It drives me nuts!

For example when the video of Through My Veins came out on youtube, in a moment of weakness I answered to a comment that had bothered me, which I usually don’t do, because there’s really no need to. That comment said:

Such a beautiful woman and so careless with her body.”

When I read it I instantly lost it, hence my un-needed response:

“Well, sir, you don’t know the first thing about me or my body, so could you please stick to commenting about the music or the performance which this video is all about? The issue is not my looks, nor my health, which btw is SOLID.”

I should have known better and although the guy at the end made his apologies, I think it’s never good to let people see you’re butt-hurt. “So careless with her body” Why, why would you assume I don’t treat my body right? You know nothing about me or the struggles I go through. I hate that people thinks of me as someone who just eats all day. Because I DON’T.

Did someone ever show this much concern about the health of some male musician?

“Hey *insert name of chubby male musician here* I think you might be too inconsiderate with your body”.

It never happened.

I am a girl, I sing in a band and somehow this compels me to be sexually attractive, is that it? I have to. This is what girls bring to music I guess, voice and artistry come second.
This question could easily bring me to talking about the whole Female Fronted Metal dispute, on which I didn’t have a clear opinion on until lately, but I won’t talk about it because it’s a tricky matter and I have already made a digression long enough.

Let’s get to the point. My Facebook page today notified me that I had been tagged in a photo and when I clicked on the link I couldn’t believe my eyes. The name of the “tagger” was familiar, let’s just say it’s someone that has always shown to have a hard time understanding the concept of boundaries. This is the accused post, it’s from a page called *I erased the page name*:

I blurred the name of the page (not too accurately) and my private profile name, but in the picture my lovely guys Claudio, Martino, Federico and Daniele were blurred by the author. So the focus was on me.

It says:

Name: Sara Squadrani
Nationality: Italian
Feature: the greatest High C of history (literally in Italian: CHEST C, so you’re aware of the clever pun)
Sara Squadrani, for those who don’t know, is the singer of the Italian metal band Ancient Bards.
Graduate in Architecture, she was fished from MySpace by the band and elevated to the role of “sexiest voice” of the Metal planet.
All Italian pride, and so of the curvy world and the Metal world.
On her blog *link to the blog* you can find interesting posts about delicious dishes (her secrets for a BODY so harmonious and soft) and cosmetics… in addition to her BREATHTAKING photos and videos!
Her page: *link to the page*
In the first comment you’ll hear the famous Chest C


The guy clearly thought I should know about this post and tagged my page AND my private profile (and btw how can someone you’re not friends with tag you in his crap? Please help me).
This is disgusting and sexist.
Everything about it pisses me off, starting from the profile and cover images and the fact that it’s labeled as “church/religious organization”.

I’ve never felt so offended in my whole life. Here’s why:

  • The page is a sexist place created by someone who clearly has a fetish for curvy girls (don’t even get me started on the use of the word curvy). It shows and talks about women as objects, as actual objects, in a very very slimy way. I’m glad there’s people who don’t only like broomsticks, but if you like some roundness you still have to be respectful. And if you’re not respectful don’t bother to tag me to let me see and witness the way you think women must be treated in you little twisted mind.
  • “A NEW MODEL” I’m not sure what this is trying to imply. Since the page states that “the models (themselves) are sending in their pictures (here called “holy pictures”). I’m utterly annoyed by the thought that a viewer could think that I voluntarily sent in mine!! Especially because most of the pics of the page are photos of breasts. Do not mix me up with girls who choose to take pictures of themselves semi-naked in semi-sexy poses and send them to be publicly published. Plus I am NOT a model anyway, curvy models are all the rage now, but I’m just a singer. Just a singer.
  • It’s full of incorrect data:
    • I’m not graduating in Architecture, but in Building Engineering AND Architecture. There’s a big difference.
    • On my blog there are NO RECIPES (yet), the only food related stuff is a picture of some eggplant little pizzas, and the procedure is not even mentioned. My recipes are supposedly written to explain how i keep my body “harmonious and soft”.
      This is madness.
      It looks like, through my non-existent recipes, I’m celebrating and encouraging my specific body image, which is THE LAST thing I wanna do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m perfectly healthy, but I never ever said anywhere, to anybody that I am the way I am BECAUSE I CHOSE TO. I didn’t choose to be like this, being a little fat was NEVER my intention and ALWAYS my struggle.
    • The band didn’t “fish” me from My Space. Yes, Daniele did get to know me through My space, but the post makes it look like I was some hooker with a hidden talent, that got a makeover and was turned into a singer. “Hey, what do you know, the boobs with the skank attached turned out to be believable as a singer!”

At first I wanted to flag the post as inappropriate or something, after all it associates MY face to things that I wanna know nothing about. Luckily the page has only 178 likes and could do no damage. But the problem is not the damage, it’s the principles, there are so many things that are wrong about this!
It’s ok to be passionate, even being enthusiastic about girls and their bodies, whether their skinny or chubby, but, maybe I’m the one who’s wrong, when I like something the first thing my heart cares for is showing it RESPECT. We all could just stop obsessing so much over the looks all together, but I know that’s not gonna happen.
And I am aware that in that picture there’s a bit more cleavage than usual, but hey, I have boobs, they’re a part of me, I can’t hide under a rock or always wear a habit so people won’t notice.


Weight, for me and for millions of people, is a big issue and nobody should talk about it if they never had to deal with it and if they don’t know the specific cause that led someone to gain or lose too many kg.

Ok, I can’t say I 100% satisfied with the image my mirror reflects, but I AM BEAUTIFUL anyway. I am strong and confident enough to accept that this is what I am, I may not be perfect, but I know I can work to look even better. Plus, my man loves me and cares for me without the need of putting me on a scale. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and feel so blessed to have him by my side, who cares if I’m a bit rounder? ❤

The last thing I would like to add, for those who are so deeply concerned, is that I did lose weight since I finally had some time to dedicate to myself. If anyone cares to know what I do at the gym let me know, leave a comment and I’ll write a different post, as this, quite frankly, became too long three paragraphs ago.

I love you all, positive people, I hope my rant didn’t result too bitter for you, I just needed to get it out of my system.”

So this is it. I tried to be as clear as possible about the reasons I was upset and my position on the subject. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this, feel free to leave a comment. If you agree with me, and care to spread this story, please share this post so I can get more feedback.

My heart is with all of you fighting for your DIGNITY.

Take care!


Ancient Bards at Wacken Open Air 2015 video!

Ah the excitement! We’ve been waiting for you to see this for a long time and now it’s finally here! The end of our set at Wacken Open Air 2015 is up on YouTube and as I watch it I can still feel the adrenaline rushing through my… body (yeah, enough with the veins puns 😀 )!
What do you think of the video? Were any of you guys there? Do you have pics of the show?
Ok, I ran out of questions 😛
Enjoy my friends, I hope to see you soon!

Lots of love,


Holiday scent

Hello there! This might be the least interesting post ever, but I simply have to share the excitement, because I’ll finally be able to take some much needed time off next week! Yes, I’m going on vacation and the idea is so awesome that I almost feel dizzy from all the happiness. Last time I went on vacation was is 2008 when I went to London. I didn’t really visit much because I went there to see Celine Dion’s concert and I only stayed like 2 and half days (needless to say though that I fell in love with the city!).

This is the only picture I took at the concert – I was way too busy enjoying the show to mind using my camera – she was performing My Heart Will Go On, I’m pretty sure she’s had enough of that song too, but it’s still a good tune and the scenography in that moment was breathtaking (which of course you can’t see from this crappy photo, I’m sorry).
I just can’t wait to leave, this Tuesday I’m going to the beautiful Dolomites (for 3 days) with the sole purpose of relaxing and having a good time, recharging my batteries at the SPA so I can come back and face new adventures, some of them including this blog.

So there you go, I’ll catch up with you later, take care!


These are a few of my favorite things – July

Hello everyone! So this is it, july is almost over and I’m pretty excited. It’s been a very, very busy month and the extremely high temperatures didn’t make it any lighter, but I can’t say I’m not embarassingly happy right now. Why you ask? Let me tell ya…


I know I haven’t been there yet, but I think I can’t go wrong if I nominate in advance going to Wacken Open Air at the top of the favorites of the month, can I? I’m so excited I can’t wait to leave and live this incredible experience with my beloved bards! We will play on the Headbangers Stage on July 31st at 11.55 am. Will you be there? I hope to see many of you!



My studies have been a huge and uncomfortable part of my life for the last 10, yes, 10 years. Pursuing my passion while studying to become an building engineer and architect hasn’t exactly always been a piece of cake, but now I can proudly say that I have finally finished all my exams! I am so relived, I smell freedom, all I have to do now is to finish my thesis and then I’ll be able to graduate, once and for all. Yay!



I’ve been meaning to get a new camera for a while, and I finally found an interesting one. The Samsung NX Mini is what I was looking for, a small camera with a large flip up touch sceen, a wide angled lens and wifi connection. I got it in the mint color and it looks really nice, I’m sure i twill be a great companion during my travels, I might even be vlogging now! I haven’t tested it properly yet so I can’t give you insights on the image and video quality but I’ve read nice revews. We’ll soon see how we like it!



My hair tends to get dry so I like to use an oil to give it some hydration. I normally use macadamia nut oil, but it is very thick and can look heavy so I wanted to try something different. This is a radiace treatment with oil of maracuja, brazil nut and cupuaçu extracts. I like this product a lot, it’s very lightweight and it smells heavenly! You only need coulpe of pumps on towel-dried hair and then you can go ahead with the styling. Perfect shiny hair that smells amazing, done!



This one’s actually my mom’s, I borrow it from time to time. I can’t deal with hair, I use good shampoos, masks and oils, but other than blow drying it or using a straightener I can’t do much with it. I’ve always loved some nice curls and last time I went to the hairdresser I got obsessed with waves. Babyliss’ Secret Curl is the perfect tool for dummies like me, it’s even easier than using a curling iron, you just give it a chunk of hair and it does all the work!



I was so happy to partecipate in the recording of the backing vocals for Trick or Treat’s “Rabbits Hill pt. 2”, I had fun with Alle Damna and Simone. The tracks are the bomb, I can’t wait to hear the record!


I’m sure lots of you have already seen this because it went viral, but I have to post it anyway, I’ve watched it a thousand times and I almost cried every single time. How I Became The Bomb wrote a song about this meeting between two lovers, artist Marina Abramovic and her former lover Ulay, and then created a clip with the images of the actual meeting. I love it, it’s deep, personal, powerful and violently intimate, in my opinion the song perfectly captures and frames the moment. I love their eyes.


These are a few of my favorite things – May

I know I shouldn’t begin all my blog post with this but… Really? May’s already over? It’s unbelievable, thank God I made all the days count this month. What about you? Did you enjoy your time?
The time has come again for my monthly favorites, let’s get to it!



I have always felt lucky to be born in Italy, this is a special place that has a lot of good things to offer, from art, to music, fashion, cars… and obviously food. And I think it is safe to say that we gave the world one of the best things ever: PIZZA! Can we agree on this? If you have the chance you should definitely come to Italy and taste a real one, in Napoli, where it originated, it’ll be worth the trip. I could live on pizza, but abusing it isn’t exactly too good for the scale, so this month I hacked my diet and made me pretty often these tasty eggplant pizzas. Trust me they are delicious and fast too, you gust grill the eggplant, put on tomato sauce, mozzarella, a dust of oregano and then put everything in the oven to make the cheese melt. And there you have it, a light and tasty dish!



I got this very inexpensive lipstick in the shade 03- Come Naturally. I didn’t expect much from it when I bought it, but I really came to love this nice dusty rose shade! I think it suits my skin undertone pretty well, it’s fresh, easy and comfortable to wear. Whenever I wear lipstick it’s always red or a dark color, because I normally hate pink on me, but this is just perfect. Plus, the quality and staying power is amazing for a product under 3 Euros!


Is this post getting really, really girly? I got these this morning because I needed a pair of sandals for my cousin’s wedding. I freaking love them! I am a huge sucker for shoes, in any form, and when I find a pair I like I literally worship them! Clearly I don’t mind my high heels and I’m willing to suffer to wear them 😀


Citing from Wikipedia, “Humans of New York (HONY) is a Photoblog and bestselling book featuring street portraits and interviews collected in New York City.”. I’ve been following HONY on Facebook for quite a long time now and I decided to insert it in this post because I think it’s really worth checking out. It’s full of real stories of real and genuine people. The thing that I like the most about it is that it gives speech to both positive and negative “heroes” . The photographer Brandon Santon can capture the most inner truth of the people he photographs and interviews, he provides a little quote from everyone. Some of them are great, healthy and happy, some of them are struggling or have suffered in the past, some of them are regretful, some are proud.
The result is the picture of the many shades, shapes and colors humanity uses to walk through life, simply astonishing. Another thing that I like is the comment people leave under the pictures, it is very rare to read something negative, the HONY followers are a positive and supporting community, I’ve read some of the nicest things on the web, I more than once felt my faith in humanity had been restored when visiting the page.

So this is it, the list is rather short, but I’ve been enjoying some of the less material things this month, so I feel blessed and happy!

See you soon guys,
Take care!