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Ancient Bards calling all Japanese fans!

Playing in Japan is a dream coming true for all of us Ancient Bards, so we are calling out all our fans! We'd like for our first time to be special and certainly not the last! See you at Japanese Assault Fest in Tokyo, at Club Seata on November 5th and 6th with our two shows in celebration… Continue reading Ancient Bards calling all Japanese fans!


My trip to Rabbits’ Hill

As some of you may know, I recorded a song for Trick or Treat's new album "Rabbits' Hill Pt.2". Trick or Treat are good friends of mine and really fun to work with as you can see for yourself in the video below! The song I'm featured in is "Never Say Goodbye", the ballad of… Continue reading My trip to Rabbits’ Hill

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TBCSS: S03E03 – Flaming Heart

In the forest, the sun filters through the branches and reveals the immense beauty of a lush nature. The creatures move in harmony with the breath of the trees and a mischievous wind shakes the leaves. Among the dense undergrowth, two figures carefully observe this spectacle, in search of a prey. A father, kind but… Continue reading TBCSS: S03E03 – Flaming Heart

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TBCSS: S03E02 – A Greater Purpose

Sendor and Daltor are now face to face, the battle begins so cruel and ruthless that even the castle seems to suffer the evil influence of the Black Crystal Sword. Daltor, after fighting with Black Dragon, feels that his exhausted and wounded body won't resist much longer to further fight; his only hope is to make… Continue reading TBCSS: S03E02 – A Greater Purpose

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TBCSS: S03E01 – Before The Storm

Previously on the Black Crystal Sword Saga: Shena, Alron and Rahed are defeated, heavily wounded, they don’t have the strength to get back up and keep fighting. Sendor takes the time to try and finally use the magic Sword to reunite his son’s soul with his body. He tries and tries again, he pronouces the… Continue reading TBCSS: S03E01 – Before The Storm

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TBCSS: S02E10 – Hope Dies Last

Sendor is invincible with the sword, the three kings don't stand a chance and, despite their courage and their efforts, they fall one by one. Their bodies lie on the ground, motionless and destroyed, as if they have no meaning anymore: the justice and purity of the heart of the just was not enough to counter the… Continue reading TBCSS: S02E10 – Hope Dies Last

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Ancient Bards live at Wacken Open Air 2015

Christmas is just around the corner and we've already been given the best gift ever! Ancient Bards will play at Wacken Open Air 2015 and I think it goes without saying that we are extremely excited, we can't wait to step onto the king of heavy metal stages! I hope I'll see you there!… Continue reading Ancient Bards live at Wacken Open Air 2015