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As you guys know, Ancient Bard’s been celebrating its 10 year anniversary with the “10 Bardic Years Tour”. We’ve been around Europe, to Japan and had our last show in Italy, just right at home.

To celebrate our journey, Japanese Assault Fest has made some pretty kick ass Tees with a design that combines the artworks of our first three albums. This is a super limited edition design and we got to bring some T-shirts home, which are now available for purchase on our Online Store. There are only a couple pieces left by now, so if you want to treat yourself for Christmas hurry up!

On the store you can also find our logo patches, ready to be stitched to your jacket, while the Red Sword Tees are back in stock.

Take a tour of Sendor’s little Shop here:

A few pictures from our shows:

See you all soon!




It’s only been three shows with Rhapsody but they were enough to confirm once again the actual reasons why me and the other bards do what we do.
For the last 7 years our life has been an incessant balancing act between the fulfillment of our duties and the pursuit of our dreams. For what concerns me, at 19, once finished high school, I found myself having to decide what kind of career I wanted to undertake. I was really envious of all of those who had clear in their minds they wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or a veterinarian… me? I only ever liked music, I would have loved to be a singer, but you know, unless you make it big, singing isn’t really profitable (in Italy being a musician isn’t even commonly considered a real job).
So I chose an academic path that intrigued me but that I wasn’t really passionate about, while, just for fun, I started my journey with Ancient Bards, having absolutely no clue of the satisfactions and places it would bring me someday.
What I’m trying to say is that in all these years not a single dime came in our pockets, the little money we get is always so much less than what we have to spend, we can’t certainly pay our bills with music. So why do we do it?

We do it for the passion.
Musicians is what we are, we can’t close our eyes and pretend we don’t feel that burning feeling inside our harts that prompts us to go out and play our music loud and proud and share energy with everyone who wants to listen. The stage is our element, it’s the place where we feel at home, together, ’cause we are a wonderful family, the bardic family ❤ .

We do it for you.
I can’t even begin to describe the feeling I get when I see our fans singing every song with their hands in the air, when at the end of a concert people wait for us to come out and take pictures with us, even bring us gifts. Every single act of love and support from you guys is worth every sacrifice we make.

So thank you, thank you for making us believe that with hard work and dedication we can keep our dream alive!

Forever grateful,

ANDE Tour in pictures

Hello there! So, we’re black from the A New Dawn Ending Tour, we’re very tired but we had so much fun! I thought I would share with you some photos, though they’re not too many because, you know, we were so busy living the moment to the fullest that we rarely remembered to take pictures! The ones you’ll see below are a bunch of them and they were taken by me, Claudio, Federico, Matteo Ermeti ( and Giacomo Astorri ( Thank you guys!


@claudiopietronik , Brandeburger Tor #Berlin #AncientBards

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Happiness in Berlin

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You can't do epic shit with basic people ❤️ #ANDEtour #AncientBards #band

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Also, this happened:

I hope you enjoyed, take care!


A New Dawn Ending Tour 2014

We are overwhelmed by the great enthusiasm you all are showing for our tour, it’s so flattering we can’t wait to live this experience and have a good time together! We are also amazed by the number of those of you who ask us to come to the Uk, the USA, South America, Australia, Indonesia, etc… Please know that we’d LOVE to come, everywhere you are, our aim is to reach as many of you as possible and we promise you that, if you stick with us and help us spread our music, one day we will ring your doorbell!

You and us are making a pretty awesome army after all 😉

Read ROCKSHOTS‘ news release here.

Thank you for your priceless support, hope to see you soon.



The briefest biography ever

– Date of birth: February 14th 1986 (yes, i’m turning 28 next week! )

– Singing since: 1986 I guess

– First time on a stage: 1990

– Piano lessons: from 1990 to 1998

– Dance lessons: from 1992 to 2007 (classical and contemporary)

– Choirs: I sang in many, “Piccoli Cantori di San Francesco” is the one I stayed the longest in

– First band: Stay Jam, from 2005 to 2007

– Meeting with Ancient Bards: 2007

– Strong suit as a kid: New York New York, Liza Minnelli version

– Strong suite now: it’s probably still New York New York!

– All time favorite artist: Celine Dion

Me at four. I’m the one in the green skirt
Cheeky me at 7
Me and my crooked teeth at 14

Quick and easy!


You also gotta pay your dues

A while ago I came across this sort of comic strip on facebook in which, in one scene, there was a musician asking the waiter of a club where the dressing room was and, in the next scene, the musician was getting changed in the bathroom (illustration by Ornella Stingo


At first I laughed thinking it was so true, but then I realized that in my experience having a bathroom where you can get dressed is pure luxury most of the times! When you’re just the opening act of the concert you don’t always get all the comforts, in fact you usually don’t get any at all. I’m sure there are people who had to face worse scenarios than me, this is just what I think is my least favorite place to use as a changing room (and we even had to use a porch once!).

The backstage corridor

Ok, literally the corridor that runs between the end of the stage and the wall behind it. The features of this fancy dressing room are:
a) Everyone walks though it at every given second, most of the times carrying heavy stuff like amplifiers and cabinets. In this case you have to squash yourself to the wall making sure none of your appendages are in the way, you don’t want them to trip. When the space is too little all you can do to get out of the way is to go under the stage climbing over the pipes of its framework and blend in with the cables and cases.
b) This point might be irrelevant for bands composed by people of the same gender, but I’m a girl and usually all the others around me are men. There are no curtains of any kind in the corridor, so how do you put on your pantyhose, your dress, your shoes and your cloak? Well if you’re not ashamed you just do it and let everybody see what God graced you with, but if you are ashamed to be seen almost naked there are two things you can do: bring a long and large skirt you can wear so you can change everything under its protection, or you can grab someone and force him to hold up your cloak as if it was a curtain while you change with your behind facing the corner. Do you have a stable equilibrium? You need it, otherwise you’ll be hopping around hoping you don’t step on something gross or on a nail, because, to raise the difficulty level, obviously there are no chairs (a tetanus shot is a good idea anyway)! You need to be neat and always store carefully the clothes you take off, because otherwise you will lose them or bother someone.
c) I know, stupid girly problems but… in the corridor there’s no place for a mirror. I usually bring my own little mirror, but when I do there’s not enough light and if I bring a lamp there’s nowhere to plug it. I’m sorry, but when the combo “no mirror, no light” hits there’s no escape and you’ll end up on stage looking like a panda or like a kid who stole her mother’s make up and put it all over his face. If you’re lucky you won’t find out in front of everyone that you’re wearing your t-shirt backwards.

The list could go on but I’ll stop here because I don’t wanna be tedious, I’ll just say that every little rub is worth the while, because playing with my band is awesome, being on stage is awesome, meeting our fans and meeting great musicians is… awesome!
If you’re a performer of any kind, what’s the strangest place you had to get dressed in? I’m curious as always.

Have a great weekend my friends and take care!