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Let me tell you the truth

I always go on about how hard it is to tour as an emerging band, how we spend hours in a tiny van and sleep in dirty places with very few showers and zero bidets. LIES! Those are lies, buhauhuahauhahaha!!! The truth is we are actually very rich. Music is bringing us so much money we… Continue reading Let me tell you the truth

Ancient Bards

Ancient Bards at Wacken Open Air 2015 video!

Ah the excitement! We've been waiting for you to see this for a long time and now it's finally here! The end of our set at Wacken Open Air 2015 is up on YouTube and as I watch it I can still feel the adrenaline rushing through my... body (yeah, enough with the veins puns… Continue reading Ancient Bards at Wacken Open Air 2015 video!


These are a few of my favorite things – August

Hello folks! Summer's almost over, how have you been doing? I hope you got to do a lot of fun stuff, see loads of concerts and took time to relax deeply. I had a very nice summer, I enjoyed some time with my loved ones and chilled to fully recharge my batteries in preparation for the… Continue reading These are a few of my favorite things – August

Ancient Bards

ANDE Tour in pictures

Hello there! So, we're black from the A New Dawn Ending Tour, we're very tired but we had so much fun! I thought I would share with you some photos, though they're not too many because, you know, we were so busy living the moment to the fullest that we rarely remembered to take pictures! The ones you'll… Continue reading ANDE Tour in pictures

Ancient Bards

TBCSS: S02E08 – Soulless Child

The kings follow a narrow, disconnected path and reach the entrance of the castle: there are no doors and there are no guards, because no one wants to enter here. The strong wind whistles between the stones as a lament accompanying the heroes with its terror towards the main hall, where they imagine Sendor should be, intent… Continue reading TBCSS: S02E08 – Soulless Child

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Bardic Czech shenanigans

Our gig at Made Of Metal was the very first one we ever did outside Italy and it was fantastic, the crowd was awesome and the organizers were great. I think I can talk on behalf of my fellow bards when I say that our favorite part was when we got to meet our fans and… Continue reading Bardic Czech shenanigans

Ancient Bards

TBCSS: S01E03 – Four Magic Elements

The situation was too dangerous and important, there was no time to send messengers to the kings to reunite the Alliance, Daltor had to go in person so the mission could begin right as soon as they got all together. He wore his armor, took his trusty Silver Sword and left Westland with Dorus, heading north. The Prince… Continue reading TBCSS: S01E03 – Four Magic Elements