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Sendor’s little Shop

As you guys know, Ancient Bard's been celebrating its 10 year anniversary with the "10 Bardic Years Tour". We've been around Europe, to Japan and had our last show in Italy, just right at home. To celebrate our journey, Japanese Assault Fest has made some pretty kick ass Tees with a design that combines the… Continue reading Sendor’s little Shop

Fall 2016 Tour Dates
Ancient Bards

10 Bardic Years Tour!

It was 2006 when Daniele and Martino first started forming a band to play Daniele's songs. I joined them a year later. Being asked to join Ancient Bards is pretty much the best thing that's ever happened to me because all the best things I treasure in my life derive from accepting their offer. I didn't know what… Continue reading 10 Bardic Years Tour!


These are a few of my favorite things – April

Wow guys, are you actually saying that APRIL IS ENDING? Where did time go? I guess I've been so busy time flew by even faster and I didn't write any new blog post this month... I'm the worst! Well at least I should try to keep up with this monthly bit. March's favorites were quite "technological", what kind… Continue reading These are a few of my favorite things – April