Hello everybody,
my name is Sara Squadrani and I’m the front-woman of the Italian Symphonic Epic Metal band Ancient Bards. My academic studies made me a Building Engineer and Architect, though the little voice inside of me always tells me to sing sing sing wherever I go. This blog is my outlet, the diary keeping thoughts, images, and words from the adventures I go through trying to fulfill my dream!



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Norm Latino

    Thank you for sharing. Not only in this forum, but for sharing your incredible vocal gifts. To state the obvious; you have an amazing voice. As I scrolled through your entries and got down to the post regarding multiple genres of music and taste; I could not agree more with everything you said. I would like to get your thoughts on a slightly different topic however. As a musician; I would assume that you have to allow yourself to create and flow freely; but as an architect/engineer, everything has to be precise. Two questions: How do you manage those two different thought processes as it relates to your music, and your architecture? How do you believe that the ancient landmarks were designed and built (ancient Rome, pyramids, Mayan temples, etceteras)?

  2. frank

    Hi Sara, thanks for being an awesome singer, absolutely love your voice! I just got into ancient bards while listening to Pandora radio. So I thought I’d look you guys up and came across your page. I read you’re in school for architect and building engineering, I’m in the sheet metal industry. We work with alot of contractors and installers. Hopefully when you do your thing, you’ll come to los Angeles so we could manufacture sheet metal products for you. Take care and keep rocking!

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