Let me tell you the truth

I always go on about how hard it is to tour as an emerging band, how we spend hours in a tiny van and sleep in dirty places with very few showers and zero bidets.
LIES! Those are lies, buhauhuahauhahaha!!! The truth is we are actually very rich. Music is bringing us so much money we can even buy a house in every country we play in! It’s so awesome to be rich.

Last time, it wasn’t our intention, but we had to buy a place in Belgium. It was quite a bargain, we didn’t splurge, but a TV show offered us more money than we had spent for the purchase just to take a tour of our house! It goes without saying that we accepted. Yes, we decided to show everyone our mansion and come clean about our true way of life, because hiding and playing poor wasn’t fun anymore. You’ll find the video here below:

So, what do you think of the house? Did you enjoy the video?
To all English speakers: I’m sorry! I’m aware my English is very bad here, but that’s the best I could do. We recorded this in just one quick take the morning after FemME, before leaving to come back to Italy. We didn’t have much time, we had to pass the Gotthard Tunnel before 9PM or it would have been closed and driving up the pass is something you don’t wanna do when the journey is already 17 hours long as it is.

As stated in the final disclaimer, that obviously wasn’t our house. We were lucky to find a very good deal on AirBnB, the house was amazing and the owner was super nice. This was definitely a step up in comparison to our average abodes.


Where will we end up next? I’ll keep you posted!

Take care,


4 thoughts on “Let me tell you the truth

  1. Marcel Scheepers

    For the Belgium house I offered to mow the lawn in change for bed and breakfast, Martino said I was hired, seems less work for the house in last picture, but I am not gonna eat less at breakfast! (hope I’m not fired now). Hugs Marcel

  2. Stepan

    Haha, that’s so cute! 🙂

    Crossing fingers that you’ll be successful enough band to be able to buy such a house one day (for each of you of course)! 🙂

    Which reminds me that I should finally order some of the new T-shirts, a small thing but I guess it counts too ;-). Any chance to get also the original Alliance Of The Kings T-Shirt, with the red sword on the front? I love it for the simple but nice design, and the one I have is getting pretty worn…

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