Caught in a Gentle Storm

I was very surprised and happy to see that Arjen Lucassen had decided to go on tour with his new project with the great Anneke Van Giersbergen, The Gentle Storm, and since they had 3 dates in Italy I knew I HAD to go, I wouldn’t miss this one of a kind occasion for the world! So I went to their night in Bologna and the gig was everything you could expect from those two huge artists and even more, because true talent always surprises you with more beauty every time. Anneke’s voice is incredible, just out of this world, and I still can’t believe I got to sing with her Valley Of The Queens, from Ayreon‘s Into The Electric Castle.
I honestly have to say that the emotion of the moment almost got the best of me, but I hope you can understand, I was so happy and honored!
I was literally caught in a gentle storm, as Arjen and Anneke are beautiful people, always smiling, kind and… gentle!

Here’s a little clip of the performance:


Have a nice weekend my friends,
Take care!



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