The perks of living by the sea

I’m lucky the city I live in, Rimini, faces the Adriatic Sea. If it’s not too chilly, there’s nothing like taking a long walk on the shore in winter, and today I went for a stroll.
It’s very relaxing, the air is clear, the sound of the sea is soothing, a little breeze caresses your face while you see loads of different people: couples holding hands in silence, parents with children, people walking their dogs, siblings competing to see who collects more nacres, old people picking up shells, seagulls eating on the water’s edge, lovers leaving messages on the sand. Truly beautiful.

The beach in the winter is a great place to go when you need to clear your mind, drive away bad thoughts and reconnect with yourself, and the perfect set for a nice moment with your significant other.

What are your favorite places to go when you need to think and be calm? Let me know!


Take care everyone!



One thought on “The perks of living by the sea

  1. Michael

    Looks very cal and peaceful….. hopefully one day Debbie and I can experience it first hand! In the meantime I just posted a new photo album on my Facebook page giving you a glimpse into where we go to think and be calm!!!

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