Videos and half naked heroes

This, dear friends, is the trailer we shoot to build a little bit the hype for our upcoming new album (and to let everyone know there is actually going to be a new album!). In the end of Hope Dies Last, the last track of Soulless Child, we hear Sendor mocking Daltor and shouting “Raise the sword, for the glory and peace, let the fight begin!” and in the new album the story will resume right where we left it, so yes, get ready for the long and intense battle!
Also you will notice at the end of the trailer that The Black Chrystal Sword Saga PART.1 ends: the saga is divided in 3 parts, and the first one, the one that will end now, is composed by 3 chapters (chapter 1: The Alliance Of The Kings; chapter 2: Soulless Child; chapter 3: TBA).
The director of the video is Matteo Ermeti, he also took care of the videos of Through My Veins and To The Master Of Darkness; Matteo is a very good friend of ours, if you want you can check out his other works on his website or like his facebook page.
Many thanks to Angelo and Teo who played respectively Sendor and Daltor!

Here is some “making of” bootleg:

The setDaniele's fancy shoes Federico Martino Matteo at work


See ya!



4 thoughts on “Videos and half naked heroes

  1. Marcel

    Hey Sara,
    I know what I would like more, than looking at half naked men ;-p
    but big question is, how long are you and the other bards going to torture our patience till new album is out ????
    greet and hugs

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