Important message for all my blog subscribers!

I’ve got news!

Hello dear friends, how are you?

I’m writing this with palpable excitement because I’ve been dreaming about this for years and now it’s finally coming true!

I’m currently perfecting a new and improved version of All Things Sara on a self-hosted space, so what I need to tell you is that this blog will be closed as of Monday. Don’t worry, all your favorite content will still be present on the new site, dressed up in a fancier suit.

I will dedicate more time and effort on the new blog, I will post frequent updates on Ancient Bards, Music, Life, Singing tips, Travels, Beauty and… basically all things Sara!

Stay with me!

I’d love to keep seeing you so, if you’re interested, feel free to come say hi and subscribe!

You will find me at (After the launch on Monday 12th)

See you on the other side!